Baby-safe Ink pad

baby-safe ink pad
AED 45.00
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Footprints are never left behind

It's those footprints that we leave behind today that make the biggest difference in our lives tomorrow. Make them count!

Baby’s safety first!

You’re right to be defensive, and concerned, about your baby’s safety; and you should be. This inkpad is designed to keep your baby safe. It ensures your baby’s skin never touches ink.

How to use it?

Make sure you hold the inkpad from the white frame surrounding the inkpad when you unpack it. Here's how to use it:
  1. Wipe your baby’s foot/hand with a wet wipe to ensure the print is clear.
  2. Place the bundled sheet on top of the front of the inkpad. The front side of the inkpad is where the red warning is available.
  3. Now place your baby’s foot/hand on the back side of the inkpad firmly but make sure you’re not hurting your baby. Don’t forget to push the toes.
baby-safe ink pad