How to organise your photos for a scrapbook?

A step-by-step system to get organised, save time and never misplace a photo again!

A step-by-step best practice guide to organising your photos for a scrapbook

Getting started with making a personalised scrapbook can be tough. We see people drop the whole idea everyday because of the lack of organisation. Organising your photos for a scrapbook can defenitley make the process easier. You want to make sure that you have a structure that will save you time, efforts, but most of all energy. Ultimately, you need to understand what this process entails in order to drive real results to your satisfaction.

This step-by-step ebook will guide you through what it takes to organise your photos from scratch for a scrapbook project. It includes:

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  • How to prepare your photos and make them ready to be organised.
  • How to be organised and stay consistent during the process so you don't feel overwhelmed and abandon the whole idea.
  • How to use my own "CAP Approach" and make the process easier to follow and implement

The process described in this ebook can be easily executed by anyone, even if you haven't gone through a similar process before. All you need is will and consistency because this is not a get organised overnight process.

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