ehayas to Support the Queen’s Medical Centre Refurbishments


ehayas, an Amazon UK based new business start-up specialising in baby gifts and keepsakes, has recently finished all arrangements to participate in a fundraising event run by the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) of the Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) to support the Maternity Department.

The Chair of B26’s Maternity Shared Governance Council at the QMC Rachel Ginn speaks about ehayas donation and how it will help with the enhancements as well as her vision to the ward:

Money raised through donations and fundraising is used by The NUH Charity to assist with funding improvements across the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust , such as enhancing amenities; Medical Research and providing life-saving equipment.

“ehayas has donated beautiful Baby Memory books to B26 – The Antenatal ward at the QMC- as prizes for our Easter Raffle in the period leading up to Easter to raise money for the NUH Charity, which will be open for everyone to take part from visitors and patients to public. The money we raise will be donated to the NUH Charity Maternity Fund.

We are working with the Charity to have our Reception Area updated as part of a two-phase project that will provide better access on and off the ward and a more welcoming environment, improve security of the ward, and reduce the risk of Drug Errors by reducing interruptions for the staff preparing medications and better continuity of care for patients and staff.

In the future we would like to work with the Charity again to purchase New Patient Lockers which will enable women’s medications to be stored securely, enabling the women the choice to self-administer their medications. This has been shown to enhance patient experience and satisfaction”.

The Charity has previously funded the redevelopment of a disused area on the ward to provide a bright, comfortable area for patients to sit and read a book to their children away from the bed area. The book case in this area contains donated books that can be purchased and the money is then donated back to the Charity.

At ehayas, our commitment to support societies we operate in is the pulse of our business and partnering with QMC to support this cause is one of the core values of our “The Art of Care” donation programme and ultimately one that we are delighted to be part of.