ehayas response to covid-19

With a lot going on in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, health workers across the world deserve to get our help and maybe some buffer.

ehayas developed a COVID-19 self-check bot that can guide someone to whether they need to see a doctor for possible infection of COVID-19 or stay at home as a precautionary measure.

Hoping this help someone out there.

#StayHome to stay safe and healthy.


I just took the COVID-19 Self-check. Take the test here Click to Tweet


The purpose of this coronavirus (COVID-19) self-check test tool is to provide you with help and guidance to make decisions about seeking appropriate medical attention.

This is an automated tool and it is not intended, and is not to be used, for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

When using this tool, the resulted outcome will be based upon your answers to the questions this tool would ask.

You should always seek professional help from a specialist as this tool doesn't replace the need for healthcare professional.

To start the self-check, click the chat widget in the bottom right of this page.

If you have any difficulties interacting with the tool, refresh your browser.