Printed memories last forever. Tell a story, document the moments you lived together. The baby memory book is a good deed companion of moments, memories, achievements, and celebrations. A life treasured with cherished breaths of one of a kind experience that transforms our purpose in life into the finest meanings of love.

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What's in the box?

The first, and only, baby memory book you'll come across that has a wall poster!

ehayas Baby Memory Book package includes all you need, and beyond, to make your baby's journaling journey as easy and unforgettable as you can imagine.

Here is what's inside the box:

  • 10" square baby memory book: contains 92 well-designed pages (biggest ever!) to celebrate your baby's milestones to the age of 5.
  • 16.5" square baby's first year infographic poster: first baby year is where wonders happen. Good to attach to a wall.
  • Baby-safe inkpad: ensures your baby's skin never touches the ink.
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Started as a personal project, then hooked up to the idea before it became a passion.
After making 3 baby memory books, we got married to the idea and couldn't help ourselves.
The baby memory book is more than just that; it's a scrapbook, a photo album, a record journal, a yearbook that makes remembering those memories we had together with our little ones last a lifetime.


Infographic Wall Poster?

You've probably never heard of that in a memory book before, but ehayas Baby Memory Book comes bundled with an Infographic Poster that features your baby's first year at a glance.

It's a fill in the blanks square 16.5" poster that would definitely complement your baby's room wall when framed in a prominent location.

The Infographic Poster may only cover a year of your baby's life but it holds a wealth of your baby's first achievements and milestones in life.

Experience ehayas Baby Memory BookWall Poster & Baby-safe Inkpad included

From pregnancy to labour room, and from first birthday till fifth, and everything in between; all available to document in ehayas Memory Book. First vacation with your baby, there's a page for that; holidays season, there's a page for that too; art pieces at school or your secrets, there are pages for that. Maybe you want to show your creativity with some pages of your own, there are well-designed blank pages to do just that.

ehayas baby memory book sections

5 reasons to get ehayas first 5 years baby memory book

  1. 90 well-designed premium pages sized elegantly at 10" that fits every occasion
  2. Highlights mum's pregnancy to document memories, and cravings, while you wait for the majestic arrival. Get ready!
  3. Covers most of your baby's firsts along the first 5 years with photos. Prepare your camera!
  4. Includes the first 5 birthdays in details so you don't miss a memory. Cake design, party theme, guests; all there. Start planning!
  5. Want to hide your baby's memory book from prying eyes? The included 16.5" square infographic poster covers the first year of your baby's life at a glance. Frame it to the wall!

The remarkable steps your child has taken throughout the years to become what they are can be truly unique. This memory Book could be the prefect gift for your child's graduation!

ehayas baby memory book sections

5 more reasons to get ehayas baby memory book?

  1. Guests' wishes and signature section, birth date meaning, school artwork, secrets (shhh), and more blank designed pages for your creativity. Limited to your imagination!
  2. Baby-safe Inkpad ensures your baby's skin doesn't touch the ink. Safety first!
  3. Use it for your baby or gift it to your best friend in a baby shower party.
  4. More than a memory book, it's a ready-designed scrapbook, a journal, a photo album, a record book; have your baby's precious moments recorded in a difficult to forget keepsake.
  5. A story-telling format of your new precious addition to the family.

We usually forget the details as our babies grow up. Not anymore.

Experience ehayas Baby Memory BookWall Poster & Baby-safe Inkpad included

With ehayas Baby Memory Book comes an Infographic Poster to documents your baby's first year's facts and milestones. It's a good idea to have it framed and attached to the wall of your baby's room. There's also the Baby-safe Inkpad coming with your purchase of ehayas Baby Memory Book and that ensures your baby is safe and the skin doesn't touch the ink.

The Baby-safe Inkpad

We're all concerned about our baby's safety, that's why we've added the Baby-safe Inkpad. Unlike traditional inkpads, the Baby-safe Inkpad ensures your baby's skin doesn't touch ink. Here's how to use it:

  1. Make sure your baby's foot / hand is naked and clean.
  2. Get a white sheet of about the same size of the Baby-safe Inkpad and position it on a flat surface.
  3. With the ink area where the red label is located facing down to touch the white sheet, place the Inkpad on top of the white sheet.
  4. Place your newborn's foot / hand at the middle of the Inkpad and press firmly without hurting your baby. Push the toes too.
  5. Something went wrong? Get another white sheet and repeat the steps.

P.S.The Baby-safe Inkpad is good for two times

Get ehayas Baby Memory BookWall Poster & Baby-safe Inkpad included
ehayas baby memory book baby-safe inkpad

ehayas 4 easy steps recipe for successful completion of a memory book

Gathering photos is boring and troublesome, here's how to do it easily:

  1. Pick (or create) a central folder to keep all photos you need to complete ehayas Baby Memory Book
  2. Within the central folder, create folders (for years) and subfolders (for months)
  3. Organise your photos in the created folders and subfolders according to your baby's age
  4. Start filling in the pages of the memory book and the included infographic poster.
  5. BONUS: use colours to fill in the pages of your memory book to give it life.

Don't forget to use the Baby-safe Inkpad supplied with your purchase and stack it with your photos.

Experience ehayas Baby Memory BookWall Poster & Baby-safe Inkpad included

How ehayas compares to others?

ehayas baby memory book vs others comparison table

Use the supplied Baby-safe Inkpad to print your baby's footprint / handprint on a blank paper and add it to the memory book. Ink shouldn't touch your baby's skin.

Don't throw anything that reminds you of a single moment with your little one. Use your wristband name tag from the hospital room in your baby's memory book.
Your baby's birth date says a lot. It means more than just a baby shower party or a birthday party. Ever wondered what else could your baby's birth date mean?

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