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Printed memories are forever, nobody can argue with that. In our efforts to cherish our babies’ memories, we tend to try and document their milestones in different ways.

Baby memory books are a great way to create a lasting, unique keepsake to our baby’s first years. Having to come up with ideas is what put a lot of people off the whole idea, but you don’t need to have the artistic brain to make one. All you need is a little creativity.

If this sounds familiar to you, here are some baby memory book ideas that will make a great addition to your keepsake.

Baby memory book ideas

If you’re working on a project like this, the following baby memory book ideas can help you add some interesting sections to your project to beef it up. Of course, you’d have to organise your photos for this to become easy.

Pregnancy: have a page for when you were pregnant. Pregnancy test result, your photos while in different stages of pregnancy and any announcements you may have made to announce your pregnancy to friends and family can all go into this section. You deserve your spot in the book.

Suggested names: you’ve definitely gone through a lot of arguments trying to name your baby. You want to name your baby after your mum’s and he’s wondering when his turn will come to suggest a name. Have a section for suggested names not only by you and yours, but names suggested by people you care about like close friends and family. You can even have this section in a story-telling format.

Cravings: that very nice-smelling perfume that you gifted him on his birthday was the best smell in a while, not anymore! Add a section to write about your experiences with cravings. It will be fun to remember.

Ultrasound pictures: how excited both parents were on their way to the first ultrasound appointment is indescribable. The first time parents will see the baby and the moment is very emotional to both. A very nice addition as a baby memory book idea to add in.

Hospital photos: moms usually go into great detail when decorating their hospital room. Some call in photographers for a photoshoot session and others, in addition to photoshoots, call in planners for the whole event. It makes sense to document the hospital stay to make the most out of your money.

Hospital bracelet: these are the name tags that both mum and baby wears on their wrists during their admission in the hospital. Having these sticked to a page in the memory book is a must-have.

Newborn announcement: people have different ways to announce their newborn baby. Where I come from, parents write short poems and have the baby name within to tell others of the newborn arrival. It makes a very good memory book idea to have that in and remember it for years to come.

Before and after: how your body change during the long 9 months period can be brutal to some, but joyful to others. Mum’s photos before and after pregnancy? I’ll leave creativity to you. I would also have a photo to the family before the baby and after to show how the family grows.

Baby footprints: those little footprints make the biggest difference in our lives. A page showcasing them, or their handprints, can complete the baby memory book. For me, it’s a page to must-have in the book. Here’s everything you need to know about ink pads.

Remembering your baby: what exactly makes you remember your kid when they were little? A song your baby used to like and calm down when listening to will definitely make you remember those long nights and make you smile. Have a section for things that make you remember your baby.

Don’t limit yourself with what you think is the norm in a memory book. The sky is the limit. Just be creative and make it your own.

Luckily, ehayas baby memory book has these and much more.

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