7 scrapbook page ideas to entice your scrapbook

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If you have gone through a journey of making a scrapbook from scratch, you may have struggled to come up with new scrapbook page ideas or ran out of them. The fact that we want to fill out the scrapbook pages we have in hand makes a little pressure on us to be creative.

You’re probably full of ideas and wonder whether they fit the project. As a result, you may have already started validating some scrapbook page ideas. I can confidently say that there isn’t right or wrong about what you can fit into a scrapbook page. At the end of the day, it’s you who decide how your scrapbook looks and what pages you want to see in the finished piece.

Scrapbook page ideas for more fun

At this stage, you may have already gone through organising your photos for the scrapbook and started somewhere but you suddenly stopped and restarted thinking about more scrapbook page ideas to fit the occasion. There’s nothing wrong to get out of usual stuff and come up with your own ideas.

Assuming it’s a newborn scrapbook- or memory book, here are few scrapbook page ideas to keep you going with your project.

Full page photo

You’re sure to have different sections in your scrapbook, or memory book. Sections for when you were at the labour room, when your baby has finally arrived, birthdays, etc. make a great rich scrapbook.

It’s therefore a good idea to have sections separated with a full page photo related to that section, better with headline on the page. For example, if you’re starting a section for the holiday season, it makes sense to have a photo with Santa’s hat.

Family tree

It’s great to see our families grow. Over time, our children grow and they want to know more about their grandparents and see their photos.

Have a page for family tree in your scrapbook placing all your photos and names. Up to each spouse parents is good I’d say. You can even go further and have a facing page for you, your spouse, and your grandparents to write few lines about how they felt about the newborn baby and their wishes. Your grandparents will love it.

Happened on this day

The name says it all! You can dedicate a page to tell what happened the day your kid was born in history. This can be major events in the city, countrywide occasion, world event, etc. You can also keep half of a page to write who was born on that day; celebrities, politicians, etc.

Tell them about this when they’re 5 years old and you’d see how joyful this is.

Meaning of birthday

Most of us probably don’t know what their birthday means! Whether it’s the horoscopes or the Chinese Astrology, a lot don’t have a lot of interest to know. However, it makes a good page to to have in a scrapbook.

If it was me making the scrapbook, I’d like to see my kid’s horoscope, birthday gemstone, birthday flower, birthday colour, and what the birthday means in the Chinese Astrology.

Footprints / handprints

This is the tinniest footprints that’d make the biggest difference in our lives. Reserving a page before even starting the scrapbooking journey for footprints and/or handprints would be a nice addition to the scrapbook. You can also have two facing pages, one for footprints and the other’s for handprints.

You need to be careful here to not use any ink pad. There are ink pads designed for this purpose that are not harmful to the baby. You can buy such baby-friendly ink pads on Amazon. Here is a complete guide to ink pads.


Whether made at home or at the nursery / school, pieces of art always make a child proud. They always come to show off what they did and enjoy the complements they get. This is another nice scrapbook page idea to consider. Maybe keep few pages for this.

My secrets!

This is the most interesting page anyone would want to see revealed. “Things only parents know about me” is a page you can add to the mix to make it interesting and complement the story of the scrapbook, or memory book.

Bonus Page: Signature book!

This is basically a two facing pages that come after the baby is born for the family members and close friends to write their wishes and greetings for the baby and the whole family.

If you want to avoid people looking at the scrapbook or preceding pages, you can simply have a separate paper, or two, designed as a signature book for people to write on. After that, you can stick them to the book. Even better, have an envelope sticked to the scrapbook and insert the signature papers inside. Makes a nice page too.

There you have it, scrapbook page ideas for you to make an extraordinary masterpiece.

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