30 firsts to record in a baby memory book

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With a lot going on with a newborn baby, it’s sometimes challenging to remember all the firsts to record in a baby memory book, especially as your baby grows up. You may remember the tipping points and major milestones your baby has achieved, but to remember every single first is what I find difficult.

List of 30 firsts to record in a baby memory book

Here are 30 firsts to record in a baby memory book.

  1. Photo: this is probably few hours, or a day, after you give birth. An indescribable feeling that makes you forget all exhaustion you’ve gone through during birth.
  2. People to see me: daddy, grandparents, close family members, or maybe a close friend could be the first people to see your newborn baby and share the happy moment with you.
  3. Gift received: you feel good when people show up in your newborn’s shower party. It feels better to see people appreciating you by just showing up for the occasion. The best is when you see the gifts everybody has presented to your baby.
  4. Wish received: of course, everybody wishes you to get well soon. As a mother, you feel better to hear all the wishes your baby receives from people around you.
  5. Address: if you live abroad, this is a good first to write in your baby memory book. It tells them where they were born. Even better to write the hospital’s name, doctor’s name, and the midwife name.
  6. Bath: if you’re still at the hospital, chances are that nurses take care of this. If it’s your first baby, you’ll feel challenged the first time you give your baby a bath and may ask for your partner’s help. Fun moment to have a photo for during bath time and after all first bathing experience anxiety is gone.
  7. First time you cry when your baby cries: you’re a new mum, your baby is crying and you don’t know what to do. A lot of new mothers have gone through similar experience and they don’t know what’s going on, literally. Write few lines about the story explaining how you felt and how you got over it.
  8. Knows his / her name: when your baby first recognises you’re calling him / her name and turns head towards you.
  9. Smile: quiet baby smile makes some mothers cry. Get your camera ready to shoot a photo (good luck with that) and mark the date.
  10. Laugh: tear a paper in front of them and they loudly laugh and fell down. Pure souls, innocent, and white-hearted. Mark the date, preferably with a photo.
  11. Roll over: that’s when you’re always worried they’ll fell off the bed. Don’t let them sleep in your bed, you’ll thank me later!
  12. Sit up: sitting up without support is challenging to your baby. A photo says a lot.
  13. Crawl: make sure to clean the floor everyday. You don’t want your baby to taste the 1 week old breadcrumbs. Mark the date and get your smartphone’s camera ready.
  14. Wave bye-bye: I don’t know what’s it that babies have with waving bye-bye, but it shows their growth development ladder towards more sophisticated tasks.
  15. Food bite: not a toy bite! They’ll try to taste everything they come across, but the time they grab some food to eat is a good milestone towards learning to eat by themselves.
  16. Stand: my son feels super excited when he stands for few seconds in front of us. We feel happy that he can now stands, even with support. It makes a good photo to have in the firsts to record in a baby memory book.
  17. Step: the first baby step is when you get yourself ready to think about lifting up everything your baby may reach. Think about getting some baby corner protectors for tables.
  18. Word: nothing is like the first word. Whether it be “papa” or “mama”. Needs a video shoot.
  19. Tooth: you breast-feed your baby and the first teeth starts to grow? Time to be careful of his bites. A photo when smiling showing the tooth is a milestone to record in your baby memory book.
  20. Christmas / Eid / etc.: a picture of your baby dressed with occasional dress with all family and friends.
  21. New Year: what does your baby look like in the first new year holiday season? Our new year’s resolutions should account for this addition to the family and consider our sacrifices.
  22. Says mama and papa: good times come when your baby says the first words. Mark the date and shoot a video.
  23. Haircut: the first haircut may be very difficult to finish because babies never stand-still for it; in fact, for anything. It will show how they really look like with trimmed hair. Before and after photo makes a good comparison.
  24. Vacation: the first vacation you have with your baby is special. Photos show how happy they are to see all new surroundings. This could be a scrapbook in itself.
  25. Birthday: one year already and your baby has achieved a number of milestones. Your baby deserves a family celebration.
  26. Walk: remember when we said to start thinking to lift up things your baby can reach? It’s a must at this stage.
  27. Climb: trying to explore everything, a baby is an inspiration to exploration. It’s exhausting to monitor the baby all day, but it’s the way it is. They never approach the sofa from the front, they always want to climb from back.
  28. First time you figure out what you’re doing: all parents were there, when they didn’t know what they’re doing. You’re lucky if you live close to your mother and get the mentoring you need. After a while, you know what your baby wants, and you know what you want them to look like.
  29. You sleep all night: mothers are strong, they stay up late to take care of their babies, and do other great things. In fact, they stay all night. A good memory to remember the first time you had a peaceful sleep all night.
  30. First time your baby gets angry: they get angry too, we just don’t realise it. Shoot a photo next time your baby is angry and stick it to your baby’s memory book.

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